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Technology And Your Estate

As part of an effective estate plan, it is becoming increasingly important to also consider what happens (or should happen) to our technology life after we die. Please click here to view this article published […]
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What to do with that old Whole of Life Policy

I have had an old whole-of-life insurance plan for 36 years and I am considering cashing in the policy as I don’t need the life insurance any more. There is a big difference between the […]
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What Can I Do When I’ve Reached My Super Transfer Balance cap?

Although individuals who have in excess of $1.6 million in superannuation are ineligible to make further non-concession contributions to super, superannuation remains a very tax-effective way to save for retirement and to receive tax-advantaged income […]
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Those who forget, are destined to remember – 10 years on from the GFC

Reflections – 10 years on This year marks 10 years since the Global Financial Crisis. This is the first in a series of reflection pieces relating to that incredible time in financial markets. It’s a […]
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This boring article contains exquisite advice

“Investing money is a simple game – we just need to stop speculating, timing markets, adding risk and chasing returns. This article will not excite you much, but the advice it contains is priceless. Andrew […]
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Your Super: Wills vs Binding Nomination

 The Coach  The Weekend Australian  21-22 April 2018  Q: My husband and I have just rewritten our wills. Our solicitor has instructed us to ensure we nominate each other as beneficiaries under our superannuation funds […]
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How the super contribution changes may benefit you

How the super contribution changes may benefit you By Mark Ellem on April 11, 2018 The superannuation changes that started on 1 July last year were not just about capping the amount of capital that […]
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Back to basics shows franking credit refunds are fair

Back to basics shows franking credit refunds are fair By Warren Bird on March 21, 2018 Warren Bird is Executive Director of Uniting Financial Services, a division of the Uniting Church (NSW & ACT). He […]
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