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Bitcoin: The Digital Currency

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency.  Created in 2009, it is the first example of a category of money or store of value referred to as cryptocurrency. A software developer using the name Satoshi […]
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Australian shares 10-year high

Australian shares hit a milestone on Tuesday, reaching an almost 10-year high after the ASX 200 broke through the 6,000 points barrier. The ASX 200 traded 0.8 per cent higher at 6,004 (at 2:30pm AEDT). […]
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This infographic from “Visual Capitalist” on the “The Investors Podcast” is a great read! It suggests that EQ is a key factor in workplace success and even has an effect on your salary! “People with higher EQ make an […]
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Top 6 Power of Attorney Questions

3 Reasons to read this great article by David Landa Stewart, Estate Planning Lawyers, Broadway Sydney. Circumstances when a Power of Attorney can be particularly useful. Are there different types of Powers of Attorney? Should I […]
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Russell Investments achieves highest possible “A+” grade for eight categories of responsible investing practices

Russell Investments continues its stellar performance in achieving an A+ grade for all eight categories reviewed in the PRI’s annual assessment of our investment process. Please click here to view the article.
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GFC lessons 10 years on: can it happen again?

GFC lessons 10 years on: can it happen again? By Shane Oliver on August 31, 2017 It seems momentous things happen in years ending in seven. Starting with the ‘summer of love’ in 1967 and […]
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Why all the fuss about family trusts?

Affluent Australians usually hold their investments in some combination of superannuation, family trusts and direct ownership of negatively geared property. Over the last year, changes in superannuation rules and more challenging property market conditions have […]
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Retirement, Food and A St Ives Gallery

Would you like to be able to combine your passions, generate some extra income and enjoy your retirement? You see, it’s just not about the money. It’s about living your retirement dreams and enjoying Rosedale […]
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