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Sometimes it’s not what we know…but who we know!

How often have we heard that expression? Your financial life is no different to other areas of your life and sometimes it just pays to have a special ‘edge’ based on your contacts. we recently […]
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Federal Budget Report 2017-18

On Tuesday 9 May 2017 the Treasurer, Scott Morrison, released the Government’s 2017-18 Budget. After substantial changes affecting both pre and post retiree clients in recent Budgets, including the changes to superannuation and income streams […]
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Health, Home and Housing – 2017 Budget Report

This year’s Federal Budget is focused on health, home and housing. Keeping healthcare available to all Australians in the long term and living the dream of owning one’s home will be central issues for many […]
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RBA Intensifies Alert on Aussie Household Debt, Property Market

Australia’s central bank signaled deeper concern amid heightened risks from rising household debt and escalating property prices in Sydney and Melbourne. Please click here to view the original post by Michael Heath (Bloomberg).
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Stocks or Property: Where To Invest Next?

A quick read through the list of the BRW Rich 200 List 2016 shows that millions can be made from buying, subdividing and developing property. And the rich list also shows millions can be made […]
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China is reflating, and that is good for the world

The Chinese economy has turned the corner and is picking up steam. And this time around it looks more sustainable. It paints a picture of an economy that is well on the way to transitioning […]
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The good news about the Government’s super reform

Many of the Government’s proposed superannuation reform measures became law on 29 November 2016.  There’s some good news included and a number of opportunities we thought worthwhile sharing with you. Most of the new super […]
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Rational Expectations Investing

Garnering a return from investing is all about expectations of what the future may hold. Read the full article by John O’Connell from Research – Macquarie Wealth Management.
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