The Financial Planning Process

Meeting your goals and aspirations
At Markson Financial Planning we employ a rigorous and methodical process to develop a financial plan that’s tailored to your individual circumstances, future goals and savings objectives.
Our financial planning process includes the following five steps.


The first step in our financial planning process is to understand your current assets, income and investments, as well as where you want your financial journey to take you.
For example, do you want to achieve short term objectives such as meet the future costs of a child’s education, or are you looking further ahead and wanting to establish a solid nest egg and income stream for your retirement.

Our first meeting, which usually takes place at the Markson office, is the beginning of a discovery process that may cover several meetings, during which we will transform your anxieties and frustrations over wealth creation into reasonable, achievable goals.


Following the initial consultation, the next step is to identify the set of opportunities that are best suited to realising your financial goals.
However, from our many years of experience we know better than to base our selection of investment vehicles and asset classes solely on your financial aspirations. That’s why every aspect of the financial plan we develop for you is designed to complement your life and circumstances, including your age, investment timeframes, comfort levels and your understanding of financial strategies.

At Markson there is no one-size fits all strategy, so we pay careful attention to identifying the best outcome for you.


Your financial plan begins with your personal balance sheet, which is the baseline for moving forward.
It then details the next steps in your wealth creation journey, letting you enjoy the fruits of your hard work and allowing you to leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

We are also extremely mindful that the plan needs to be developed in conjunction with you. In essence, the plan works as a critical benchmark, and we know that if you agree with the direction we’re proposing, it’s easier for both of us to focus on the road ahead.


Once the plan has been developed we will present it to you (and your partner), explaining our recommendations and strategies.
No decisions will be made until you have had ample time to ask further questions and consider our advice.

Once you have authorised us to proceed, our experienced implementation team will help you with the necessary application forms and track the paperwork through to completion and confirmation.


We believe that a regular review of the plan is the most critical part of the process for the client and the planner. Sadly this is where many financial planners have let their clients down.
As our client, you want to be kept up-to-date about your investments and to know how you’re progressing towards your goals. Likewise, as your planner, we want to discover any changes in your personal circumstances so that we can adjust our advice and keep you on the right path. We approach the review process as more than just a 12-month formality.

Our Terms of Engagement explicitly sets out our fees and the timetable of services that we must deliver to earn these fees, and includes your obligations to us for communicating your changing circumstances.
Within your annual face-to-face meeting we will review your investments and strategies, however if the financial market dictates, we will be in touch with you as often as is needed to ensure your plan stays valid and effective.

As part of our review process we may also provide a half yearly written summary and update so you are always kept informed as to the performance of your portfolio. On a monthly basis, we formally review your cash balances and, if required, provide you with written advice.

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