Achieving your desired financial future.
At every stage of life, our needs and financial goals continue to change. When we first enter the workforce, our savings focus might be on buying a car, completing additional studies or maybe gaining further work experience overseas. But all that quickly changes.

Next up it’s a deposit for a house, or taking care of a child’s education, and before we know it we’re starting to wonder whether we’ll have enough money to live comfortably in retirement, or what will become of our assets when we pass away.

Financial planning is a structured process that will help you maximise the resources you have today so that you can build wealth, look forward to a secure financial future, and have peace of mind that your estate will be administered according to your wishes.

You can do it on your own. We can help you do it better.

There are no end of people who can give you financial advice – such as recommending shares, suggesting salary sacrifice to super, or helping you assess the potential risks and returns of an investment opportunity. Likewise, you can probably work out many of these things on your own.

However financial planning – a real and considered approach that takes into account every aspect of your current position and realistically reconciles it with your goals and objectives – is something that is best achieved with the help of an experienced, dedicated and proven financial planner.

Knowledge and experience are the foundation for better returns.

At Markson Financial Planning, many of our clients have a high degree of financial literacy, with some of them occupying senior management positions in large enterprises. Even though they may be more than capable of conducting research and building an investment portfolio themselves, they understand the value of leveraging the knowledge of people who are specialists in their field of endeavour.

Being prudent, they are also aware that entrusting a firm such as Markson to grow and protect their wealth, is likely to achieve a better return than if they implemented and managed their own investment strategies.

Our key areas of expertise include:

In addition, we work with other trusted professionals to provide advice on areas that fall beyond our expertise such as taxation planning, structures for wealth management, relocation planning – and more.
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