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Paul and Anita B, Sydney

How we helped

We became clients of Mark Lewin, Markson Financial Planning some 5 or 6 years ago.

There are couple of things that are non-negotiable when choosing a financial planner. Value for money and my advisor cannot be controlled or salaried to any bank or other financial institution.  I simply wouldn’t engage with an advisor who’s got a financial interest in the investments they recommend. Markson fit the bill on both counts.

There is no doubt that the real value of working with a financial planner only shows after having worked together over an extended period. Markson fine tunes our financial plans when our circumstances change. Mark is very professional and across the detail. This shows clearly during the annual review, and we do appreciate his thoroughness.

The level of communication Mark offers to his clients is appropriate, and contains good and valuable information. We trust Mark and his team to do the right thing by us.

Compared to my previous experience with financial planners, I rate Mark at 8 out of 10. I have and will continue to recommend Markson Financial Planning to others.

Tony & Prim C

How we helped

We’ve been clients of Mark Lewin for about 15 years or so. He was recommended to us by a friend and we’re very happy to have followed through on this recommendation and have never regretted it.

We started out with my wife being a client first because I was locked into my employer’s superannuation arrangements.

When I retired it was very clear that I’d be taking my financial affairs to Mark because he’s done such a good job for my wife.

Mark runs a tight ship, and has gathered a good, reliable and professional team around him.

At this stage, I still handle a portion of my finances myself, however Mark helped me to set it up in the early stages. Managing our finances is very much a joint effort between us and Mark. We like it that way and appreciate that Mark is supporting our choice.

One of the major reasons for engaging a financial advisor is to make sure that should something happen to me, my wife has a person to turn to. Most importantly a person she can rely on and has developed a trusting relationship with.

It is my view that the longer one works with the same financial advisor the more value the advisor can provide, and not only in monetary terms. Mark knows who we are as people, he knows our personal situation and what we value, this is enormously important to us.

We have and will continue to recommend Mark to others, just like he was recommended to us all these years ago.

Terry L, Sydney

How we helped

We’ve been clients for about 4 years and I retired about 9 months or so ago. Although I could take care of my own financial affairs, I don’t really want to spend the time doing it.

In my mind there’s benefit in having a professional, with a more rational approach looking after my financial affairs. Having said that I am fully aware that ultimately the investment decisions are mine to make and that’s fine by me.

We’d been looking around for a financial advisor for quite a while before I planned to retire. It was quite a sobering experience. We didn’t have a lot of money to invest at the time, and most financial planners, big and small, would tell us to come back when we were ready to retire.
This is where Mark is different. He was happy to help us get the best arrangements with what we had at the time.

We are very appreciative of this and it certainly didn’t go unnoticed or forgotten. It showed us that Mark cared for and about his clients’ financial wellbeing and proved to us that he understands relationships are for the long term.

Another factor in our decision to choose Mark and his firm was that they’ve been around for quite some time. He’s seen the ups as well as the downs, having lived through these changes provided us with comfort and trust.

We certainly also appreciate the fact that Markson Financial Planning is not aligned with a bank which gives us the confidence that he’s choosing the products and services that best suit our circumstances, not just chasing commissions.

Mark and his team are highly reliable, they’ve done everything they said they would and although one should be able to expect this, it’s a good feeling when it actually happens.

I believe that Mark’s fees are fair and reasonable. He is a very good communicator and rings us each year to arrange our annual review.
Mark provides valuable and relevant financial information on a regular basis, which tells me that he’s absolutely up to date with what’s going on in the world of finance.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mark Lewin and his team to people who are looking for a professional and highly reliable financial planner.

Suzanne S.

How we helped

Knowing that we’d be retiring at some stage, we wanted to make sure that our money would provide us with a comfortable lifestyle and would outlive us.

We were looking for the right person to help and guide us so that the transition would be as smooth as possible. However, we felt that some due diligence was part of our responsibility and we checked out a number of financial planners, including planners from the banks.
Mark Lewin of Markson Financial Planning stood out. We felt really comfortable with him as a person and he provided the advice we were looking for.

Part of our due diligence was comparing fees and value for money. Mark wasn’t the cheapest, but not the most expensive either. We’re happy to pay good money for good service, and that’s exactly what we get. In fact Mark provides the same service levels as the more expensive firms we checked out.

I’ve been in customer service for over 20 years, and recognise good customer service when I see it, Mark and his team provide excellent customer service. They are there and available whenever we need them.
We get individualised and tailored solutions presented to us, not some off the shelf product. The fact that Markson is unaligned from the banks and yet works with a very select group of investment specialists is the ideal scenario for us.

Having worked with Mark and his team for a number of years, we feel that we get more value out of this relationship every year. It’s like a well-oiled machine. Mark knows who we are and what we want, we know we can rely on him with whatever comes our way. This gives us a great deal of comfort and real peace of mind.

Mark is an excellent communicator. He explains things in simple ways and from different angles to ensure that we really understand all the implications. He talks to us, not at us.

Trusting someone to look after your money is no mean feat. For us it is crucially important to be able to trust and rely on our financial advisor 100%. We’re very happy with our choice and I recommend Mark and his team to friends whenever I get an opportunity.

We know that Mark Lewin isn’t perfect, but he’s perfect for us.

John & Christine H

How we helped

My wife and I have been clients of Mark Lewin of Markson Financial Planning for 6 or so years. We found him through my wife, Christine’s superannuation management company.

Christine’s superannuation had been managed properly, which couldn’t be said for my portion which was unfortunate.

One of the major reasons we’re engaging with a financial planner is to ensure that our money is well managed and we can get the most out of it.
Having spent my career hiring and managing people, I do know when I come across good people. Mark fits the bill. He’s a good “financial dude”.
Markson provide superb review documentation and during our annual review meeting we cover everything in great detail.

Being an Engineer I really appreciate how Mark makes sure that the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. This gives us the confidence that Mark is looking out for us. We feel looked after and are convinced that Markson have our best interest at heart.

Here are just a short list of why we like working with Mark and his team:

  • Our enquiries get answered promptly
  • They’re easy to get hold of and very accessible
  • The advice is tailored to our needs – not a one size fits all approach
  • They are very knowledgeable
  • They are very good at following up
  • They listen to our issues and are look for the best solutions for our situation

We certainly feel that we get value for money and that the fees Markson is charging are fair. The longer we work with Mark and his team the more value we get, because they get to know us better, the trust increases and the relationship strenghtens every year.

We’re more than happy to refer Mark and his team to anyone who’s looking for an honest and reliable financial planner.

A friend of ours, before we planned to start a family, suggested we’d go and see a financial advisor, and recommended Mark Lewin of Markson Financial Planning.

We’ve been a client of Marks for about 15 years now and are very happy with what we’ve been able to achieve. Engaging a specialist has been well worth it, because we’re getting the best possible advice for our individual circumstances.

I like the yearly reviews, this works for us. Mark takes the time to explains to us what’s been happening and what the next steps should be in order to achieve our financial goals. The explanations provided by Mark are solid, make sense. We trust Mark to help and guide us to make good and sensible decisions.

I think we’re pretty “bland” investors; and we’re not interested in doing crazy things. Mark understands this and advices us accordingly.
We’re happy to pay Markson what they charge us, after all we don’t believe in short changing people whom are in charge of looking after our wealth, and Mark’s fees aren’t exorbitant.

On a more personal level, I think that Mark has an excellent team gathered around him. There’s always someone who can help. As clients we get informed who’s on leave and when, everyone is kept informed about our affaires at any point in time. The internal as well as external communications works like clockwork.

I am convinced that a long term relationship with the same financial advisor is fundamental in order to achieve long term financial goals.
We are more than happy to refer and recommend Mark Lewin and his team to our families and friends.

My wife and I realised very early that the government’s pension wouldn’t secure our retirement, and realised that superannuation was the best way forward for us.

About 14 years ago, I was actively looking for a financial planner, and our accountant referred us to Mark Lewin, of Markson Financial Plannning.

At the time I was a client of one of our major banks but I wasn’t satisfied with the advice I received.

Mark was not a salaried planner with a large financial institution and is free to recommend investments from an extensive range of managed funds and listed shares and continues to be what I was looking for. His unaligned status continues to be one of the deciding factors in my choice of a financial planner. I fully trust Mark and his team to do the right thing and to act in my best interest, not just sell a product to make a commission.

As an investor, I am fully aware that the markets can be volatile and in order to make the returns we want we have to be willing to ride out the storm. While financial planners like Mark do their best to advise their clients, no one can completely predict the markets.

There’s one thing I really appreciate about Mark as a person and business owner, he’s open to feedback and criticism. He’s more than happy to listen as to where and how he can improve the service levels and the experience for his clients and implements the suggestions wherever possible.

Comparing Markson Financial Planning with planners from other financial institutions, I’m happy to rate them as a 9 out of 10.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mark Lewin and his team to others, they are honest, reliable, professional and a very good team.

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